While “Marque & Luxe” explained to Boss has just been published by Editions Kawa, we already have a first article … in preview. A big thank you to the elected Virginia Maguet aka The Girl next d’Or for this article dedicated to this work.

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« Marque & Luxe » is an atypical work which seduces us at first sight (yes on the first cover, it works too…)
Are you ready for this O (bjet) V (isionnaire) N (ow) I (dentified)? Let’s go!
The author tells us the love story of “the most chic and timeless couple of all time”. From meeting to seduction through the first emotions to the fullness “yogist”, Audrey Kabla elevates our vision of luxury.
It magnifies it, “magifies” it (dare I say it) by opening the doors to a grandiose world which offers the vulgar terms “sector” and “market” a new function: a springboard to exaltation.