Brand & Luxury explained to my boss is a marketing book that takes itself for a novel!

Like a luxury product, he talks about the brands he adores without ever naming them. The pleasure of flushing them out becomes ours. Here, we play, we dream and we smile a lot.


The author, Audrey Kabla distinguished herself as “Master of Lights”. She tells us about the love story of Marque & Luxe.

Sumptuously offbeat, its concept invites us to travel the interior journey of Luxury Brands to our little hearts. The secrets of the spiritual well-being of “so chic” lovers are revealed.

Between perceptions and identity, the present and the rest of the time, how can we ensure that these prestigious “cults” always fill us more?

“Easy !, exclaims the Mistress of Lights, with the YUXA philosophy, here are finally the precepts of Yoga applied to the marketing of Luxury! Postures, meditations and openings of the 7 chakras transcend the way of frolicking between success and sweetness of life in the country of the marvelous sector.

Surrounded by 53 elected officials from all over the world, the author, Audrey Kabla, draws a philosophical, psychological and marketing approach to Brand & Luxury. Its elected officials are thinkers, luxury professionals and artists such as Cécile Lochard, Hervé Kabla, Marie Colin, Sébastien Descours, Corinna Fromm, Patrick Taffignon, Liz Brohan, Eddy Blanchet, Clara Le Fort.

This strategic novel invites us to lift the veil on Brand Management * in millennial eyes, full of love & zen’s attitude. What more could Luxury ask for?

* Brand management for “French speakers only”

“Brand & Luxury” explained to my boss
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Number of pages: 286 – Book format: A5 – Value: 36.95 euros incl.

Nombre de pages : 286 – Format du livre : A5 – Valeur : 36,95 euros TTC